mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Rencontre avec Mike Melvill, 1er astronaute privé avec SpaceShipOne

Interview avec Mike Melvill, premier astronaute privé à être aller dans l'espace avec SpaceShipOne le 21 juin 2004.

Il effectue un 2ème vol spatial suborbital le 29 septembre 2004 lors des 2 vols qualificatifs du X-Prize (le 2ème vol qualificatif a été effectué par Brian Binnie le 4 octobre 2004).

(Enveloppe signée par Mike Melvill, Brian Binnie, Pete Siebold, Doug Shane et par Burt Rutan)
Interview réalisé en 2006
How many years were you connected with Scaled Composites before the 1st Space Flight ?
27 Years
How did you feel prior the flight ?
Quite nervous before but OK once I took off !
What did the world look like from the space ?
Fantastic ! Very beautiful and I can see more than 1000 miles !
What are the problems have you encountered and how have you fixed them ?
Several problems with trim systems and stability, but the whole team worked on it and we managed to correct all problems and survived to win the X-Prize !
What was Re-entry like ?
Very scary ! Lots of vibrations and noise BUT we got back Alive !

(Mike Melvill recevant ses Ailes d'Astronaute

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