mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Interview avec Jerry Carr, commandant de la mission Skylab 4

Jerry Carr est sélectionné comme astronaute par la NASA en 1966. Il effectuera une mission spatiale en tant que commandant de Skylab 4 et restera 84 jours dans l'espace du 16 novembre 1973 au 8 février 1974.
Interview réalisée en 2001
Q : How many years were you connected to the space program before your 1st flight ?
A : About 8 years
Q : How did you feel prior the flight ?
A : Anxious and exhilarated
Q : What does weightlessness feel like, and what did you think about during the flight ?
A : Like floating in water. I think about the fragility of the Earth's environment and the insignificance of the Earth in the Cosmos
Q : What were some of the problems you encountered and how did you fixed them ?
A : refer to a book entlited ''SKYLAB'' of David Shayler. Book will be published soon by Springer-Praxis
Q : What did you eat and did it taste real ?
A : We had a large menu. Many tasty items. Our sense of taste was somewhat reduced
Q : What was Re-entry like ?
A : VERY FIREY. We had a partial control systems failure but the back ups worked well
Q : Were you glad to be back on Earth, or did you feel you could have spent the rest of your life up there ?
A : Yes. I was ready to rejoin my family and friends

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