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Interview avec Jon Lomberg, Space Artist

Jon Lomberg est un artiste américain spécialiste du Space Art.
Il a été le principale collaborateur artistique de Car Sagan de 1972 à 1996.
Il illustra, entre autre, pour Carl Sagan, The Cosmic Connection. Il a été le responsable artistique de la série télévisée Cosmos, toujours de Carl Sagan, et créa la couverture originelle de Contact.
Il est aussi l'auteur de l'illustration sur le disque emporté dans l'espace par la sonde Voyager 1.
Jon Lomberg est aussi connu pour sa(ses) représentation(s) de la Voie Lactée, en 2 ou 3 dimensions, notamment au National Air and Space Museum, ou à Hawaii.
Il a été honoré de nombreuses récompenses pour son travail et talent.
Interview réalisée en 2011
Q : When have you decide to became space artist ? And why did you like space exploration, aviation,etc … ?
A : I have always been fascinated by the Universe ever since I was 4 years old.
My first interest was in the science.
Much later, in University, I became interested in astronomical art.
You can see my work at
Q : What was your 1st professional artist space work and how have you worked on this ?
A : The first professional job I had was illustrating Carl Sagan's book "The Cosmic Connection" in 1972.
That was the beginning of 25 years of collaboration on works including NASA's Voyager Record, the TV series COSMOS and the film CONTACT.
Q : What are your(s) feeling(s) about that many people saw and loved yours painters and works every days ?
A : Of course it is very nice for an artist to hear that people like his work.
I especially value comments from scientists who say that their interest in science was inspired by my work.
And I love receiving letters from students who find my work inspiring to them.
Q : Did you like to go in space ? And why ?
A : It would be an incredible experience to see the Earth from space with my own eyes.
I love scuba diving because it has so many aspects that are similar to the astronaut experience.
Q : What memories have you o the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969 ?
A : That was the night I did my very first space painting, imaging the Earth as an eye, looking out into the Universe
Q : What is your best memory about your space artist career ?
A : My best memory is seeing the launch of the Voyager 1 spacecraft and knowing that something I had made was being carried to the stars.
I felt almost as good seeing two other works of mine on the surface of Mars : the sundials carried aboard the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity; and the Visions of Mars DVD aboard the Phoenix lander.
And completing my Galaxy Garden ( was also very wonderful.

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